“Rohallion really is charming, with such a pretty view” Queen Victoria
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Set amid the historic sites of Duncan’s Camp and Birnam Wood, the beauty of Rohallion and its loch and wildlife are in danger of destruction thanks to a proposal to build 49 holiday chalets. 
A planning application has been lodged with Perth and Kinross Council by English-based developers, Ventura Lodges, for the construction of this enormous holiday park in this fragile environment, on 22 acres of land owned by the Murthly and Strathbraan Estates in the Dunkeld National Scenic Area.

 Based on an aerial photograph © Brian Snell 2005, photomontage by Rohallion Protest

Aerial view of Rohallion Loch and Stare Dam showing the location and extent of the chalet park adjacent to the Loch, Rohallion Lodge (bottom left) and Rohallion Cottages (centre)
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With its washing area, car parking and sewerage facilities this beauty spot will be transformed into an ugly scar on the landscape.
We can stop it if those who care about the area and Scotland’s invaluable heritage unite against the plans.
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