Letters - Page 2

From: Alexander and Jan Meddowes
Date: September 12th 2006

Having been to Rohallion on many occasions, both my wife and I are appalled to hear that a Chalet Park of some 49 dwellings is proposed.

This is an area of natural beauty which is not only the home of the red squirrel, now under threat, but also the Osprey, and we wish to lodge an objection to any development whatsoever.

It would seem that commercialism is being put before our wonderful countryside.

From: Wilf and Pat Urquhart
Date: September 14th 2006

We want to register our opposition to the above development.
We live in Waterloo and have chosen to live here because of its beauty and tranquillity and often walk round the loch.

Please register our objection.

From: Linsey Reid
Date: September 18th 2006

If anyone should fully support your protest I feel it should be myself and my sister.  Why?

We lived on Murthly Estate all our lives until our parents moved in 2002, my sister was even born at home on Murthly Estate in the cottage called "Burnbane".  Our last house was at Murthly road end and we know your area extremely well.

We, as children, often went on quiet family walks in the woods here and when I met my husband we often fished on the loch here and even go walks up to the loch to see the swans and their cygnets.

My parents still live locally and I often pass the road end and the forest clearance looks so unsightly, it has dramatically changed just in this bit of the estate.   I would hate to see anymore destruction of such beauty.  It was such a happy, tranquil and a real pleasure living on Murthly Estate in the 70's - late 90's as a child.  It made my childhood memories, as did it for my sister.

If they want to have holiday chalets there is plenty ground down by the castle without taking away too much wooded area, or is that unthinkable for the estate to even consider this, not wanting holiday makers on the castle's doorstep, but everyone else's.

Keep up the good work. My heart always lies with the countryside of Murthly Estate, it's a real shame life has to move on.

From: Richard Reid
Date: September 18th 2006

I wish to show my objections to these developments as this will have an impact on the environment.

My wife used to stay on the estate over twenty years ago, when I first met her we used to go walking around this area and have always noted that there was always a breeding pair of swans on these lochs.  We used to feed them, take photos and count how many cygnets they used to have.

When we had our kids, and their grandparents were still on the estate, we took them to see the different wildlife around this area. It would seem a shame to lose this as well as the other wildlife just because someone wants to develop the land.