Letters - Page 3

From: Judy Nichol
Date: September 6th 2006
I totally object to the proposal of ruining this beautiful parkland.

From: Idonea Chance 
Date: September 15th 2006
I strongly object to the building of chalets at Rohallion as this will completely ruin the area and will be most unsightly.

From: Kathy Burns
Date: September 15th 2006
There is a desperate need for affordable housing in the Dunkeld Area.  If any new homes are being given planning permission, they should be for people to live in, not more second homes. There are enough holiday homes in this area already.

From: Major J. Montieth
Date: September 18th 2006
This is a national scandal. Why are the SNH not stopping this?  What about the damage to the environment, it's wildlife and the loch itself?  The SNP should be against this.

From: Mrs. T. Montieth 
Date: September 18th 2006
The Hotels are half full. We don't need this development for tourism.  Why don't they build some affordable housing?  Not Birnam Wood.

From: Hamish Dunlop
Date: September 15th 2006
This is a desecration of our Noble Scottish Heritage - a CHALET PARK in Birnam Wood.  Have we no National Pride!

From: Mrs. Irene Rutherford
Date: September 21st 2006
This is a plan to get housing in by the back door for second home owners.  We need affordable housing, not this.  240 beds x 7 days x 20 weeks, i.e. 33,600 bed nights are not needed when half the B&B and self-catering etc. are down year on year.

From: Stewart D. Wilkie
Date: September 17th 2006
I grew up in Bankfoot fishing Rohallion and Stair Dam and tramping their hills.  From that I learned a lot. 50 years later, please let other kids have the same opportunity.

From: David Gemmell
Date: September 15th 2006
It would be a great shame to invade such a lovely wildlife spot with yet again houses. Therefore I am opposing such an idea.

From: Byam Trotter
Date: September 7th 2006
I disagree with the plans to build on the proposed site in Rohallion. Not only will it spoil a beautiful natural setting and take habitats from wildlife, it will also destroy the lives of those who live there. The area has been an out-of-town area with peace and quiet for many years and the people who live there moved to the area for that very reason and do not want it destroyed by holiday cabins.

From: Allan Stewart
Date: September 21st 2006
The scale of this proposed development is out of all proportion to anything else in the district.  Any realisation of this particular plan will despoil a fantastic beauty spot - commercial exploitation of the worst kind.

From: Peter Howe
Date: September 24th 2006
This is a beautiful natural area which I have visited many times.  It would be unacceptable if the beauty of this area is destroyed.  Please stop the development.

From: J. D. Best
Date: September 28th 2006
This would be yet another blot on our landscape aiding only English developers and not the local community. I think we should not allow this.

From: Charlie Luckin
Date: September 27th 2006
I am writing to vehemently object to the proposed park intended for Rohallian.

It would be the beginning of what I envisage would be a huge impediment for the area and the human impacts would destroy one of Scotland's beautiful natural landscapes.

Advancement is important in areas where housing & holiday homes are required but this is not relevant here. Development could only be regarded as wholly detrimental.

From: Sheila Kinross
Date: September 29th 2006
I have visited this site many many times and cannot believe anyone would want to destroy such a paradise.  Just imagine swarms of holiday makers crowding the lochside, leaving litter and destroying what wildlife has always enjoyed, the peace and tranquility of this spot of Scotland.

The charm of visiting this site is the peacefulness around you and the beauty of the water with the hill behind. Deer crossing the path in front of you and pheasant all around with the osprey and eagles flying in the clear sky. Where else can one step outside and be in total peace with nature and look up at the heavens and see so many shooting stars because there are no lights around or noise other than wild life.